Sunday, June 5, 2022

Week 38

June 6-10

This is the LAST week of school!  Can you believe it???

We are scheduled to turn in our chromebooks on Tuesday June 7th in the morning.  Please have your child come to school with a charged chromebook and the power cord.

Friday is a half day, school ends at 11:28.  There will be a 

'clap-out' for the fifth graders.  It will start at 11:00.

Monday morning is Field Day. Please remind your child to dress  for the weather :).  Having a water bottle would be a good idea.

Reproductive Health is Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

*We have an International business day on Thursday, this is where all the students sell/shop in all three classrooms.

*We will continue to read and write this week.

*We have a few math journal pages to complete this week.

Have a great summer, thank you for your support this year.


Here are some pictures from last week.

Friday, May 27, 2022

Week 37

May 30- June 3

No School Monday, Memorial Day

Wednesday Fifth Grade Picnic


Students are enjoying reading books of their choice and sharing with classmates.


Unit 8 continues with application of concepts learned this year.

Social Studies

We will continue to look at and understand the battles of the American Revolution.


Our biography reports will be completed this week.

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Week 36

May 23-27

Spirit Week!

Monday -Pajama day

Tuesday-Crazy hair day

Wednesday-Favorite team-Wines spirit day

Thursday-Backwards/inside out day

Friday-Beach/Hawaiian day

Wednesday is our visit to the Planetarium at Pioneer High School. Permission slips were sent home on Friday.


We will be enjoying books these last few weeks of school-sharing, talking, and reading books!


The unit 7 test will be Monday.  Unit 8  the application of measurement, graphing and computation will start on Tuesday.

Social Studies

We will be looking at the battles of the American Revolution and the many spies that were involved in the war.


We will be finishing our unit Round and Round it goes this week.

Here are some pictures from last week.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Week 35

May 16-20

Early Release Wednesday school ends at 1:18.

Instrumental Music Concert Thursday 7:00pm.

Wines Roar Friday May 20th 5-8 pm

Hello Parents of Fifth Graders!
We are collecting baby pictures of our fifth graders to display in the hallway outside of the library for the last few weeks of the school year. Please either send your favorite baby picture jpeg to me by email or have your son or daughter bring a hard copy photo to class to give to their 5th grade teacher. Hard copies should be no bigger than 5x7 and can be returned. We don't want to miss anyone, so please send them in ASAP with a deadline of Monday, May 23.

Heather O'Neal (Kenneth Thompson's mom)

Send your pictures to the email above. 


The book clubs are winding down, groups are getting ready to make their final project.


We will be finishing unit 7 this week with the test the following week.  Multiplying and dividing fractions will be the main focus on the test.  Using data to fill in columns of a table and plotting those point will also be on the test.

Social Studies

We will continue to learn about the events leading up to the American Revolution and into the battles of the Revolution this week. 


We will be looking at our plants and figure out "where their mass comes from".

Here are some pictures from last week.

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Week 34

May 9-13

NWEA Thursday this week Math 9:00

Book Fair is this week.  We will pre-view on Tuesday and shop on Wednesday.


Our book clubs are moving along nicely.  The students are doing a fantastic job sharing in their groups. 


Unit 7 continues with a further investigation into polygons, collecting and using fractional data, and identifying and visualizing patterns.

Social Studies

We will be learning about the Stamp Act and the Sugar act this week.


Our plants are growing!  We will be observing them and develop ideas about their mass.


Our biography unit continues, students are moving along nicely.

Pictures from last week.

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Week 33

May 2-6

No School Tuesday May 2nd.

NWEA  Reading Thursday, May 5th 9:00

Transition visit to Forsythe Thursday, May 5th 1:00-2:30


Our book clubs are moving along nicely.  The students are doing a fantastic job sharing in their groups.  


This week we will be classifying quadrilaterals in a hierarchy and generating additional names for them. We will also be classifying them into sub categories.

Social Studies

We will learn about some of the events that led to the American Revolution.  The French and Indian war, the Proclamation of 1763, the Sugar and Stamp acts just to name a few.  We did not get to this last week, we were busy creating our own constellations!!!  


Everyone has selected a person to research for our biography essay.  We will also be writing a speech and presenting a Living Wax Museum to family and hopefully other Wines students. There will be more information on this in the coming weeks.

Here are some pictures from last week.